Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Am I That Easy ?

Am I so easy for you?
Is love so easy for you?
Are the memories with me so easy for you?
Is everything is so easy for you?
I only want warm love 
You only give me a cold hand bad boy
Throw away that arrogant pride
It keeps annoying and irritating me, better stop now
I'm going completely crazy because of you dude
You act nice and I believe it all
I gave it all to you and I was betrayed again
It keeps annoying and irritating me, you're really crazy
You eventually come around

In love's final round
You put on that fake smile of yours and I feel like I'm going crazy
Stop bothering me and leave me alone oh oh
You such a bad, bad, bad boy
You took me and played with me you definitely have to pay for that
(You make me pissed off! )
I'm not like before, just accepting everything
I'm not like a lighthouse only watching you like a fool
So spoiled
So conceited
So arrogant,
playing so well
You talk in dirty ways
You act immaturely
It keeps annoying and irritating me, better stop now

I can’t understand it
(Can’t get it)
A man like you
(Don’t get it)
What the hell do you want from me?
(I gotta know)
I can't do this or that in the name of love
You really piss me off, I knew no one but you
Someday you'll experience the same, I'll bet
You who plays with love, you who sees love as easy
That's enough now you fox-like boy


*Saat ini, aku masih belum boleh terima kenyataan. Hanya Allah je tahu perasaan aku sekarang. Semoga kau bahagia :')

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